Aside from selling ceramics, porcelains, mosaics and natural stones, we also sell the essentials needed in guaranteeing proper installation. If your looking to do it yourself, it is important to have the proper information when adding a heated floor, Schulter under-laying product or installation products from Mapei, one the leading companies in adhesives and glues. Most of all our products are available within a 1-2 days, offering quick and fast delivery.



Looking for either glass, metal, ceramic or natural stone mosaics we have an array of selection. From small squares to linear mosaics, marble mixed with glass, we have it. Mosaics add a great focal point to any room. Used as either a border or an accent wall, mosaics will definitely add a new dimension to any room.


Porcelain tiles today are made with the highest technology with standing the heavies traffic. They can be used in commercial, residential and even outdoors with standing our winters. Porcelain tiles are typically stronger than ceramic and natural stone tiles and are available in mat, satin and high gloss finishes.



We offer a unique collection of ceramic tiles, with a wide assortment of finishes, textures and sizes. Although most ceramic tiles today are for wall use, there is a selection available in floor tiles that run less expensive then the typical porcelain tile.


Slate & stone

Natural stone are so versatile that they can used in any room. With proper sealers and protection a natural stone counter, floor or wall can last a very long time. Natural stones due typically require  a little more maintenance then ceramics, but the classic look lasts for ever.  We offer granite, marble and Ceaserstone quartz in cut to measure 3/4" and 1 1/4".  Marble, granite and slate come in array of sizes offering unlimited amount of possibilities.


Heated floors

We offer solutions for comfortable, effective and inexpensive floor warming systems. The company operates internationally and the people behind the name bring the vast worldwide experience in underfloor heating systems. The company's goal is to offer top quality materials combined in a system that is fast and easy to install. Our focus is both on end users as well as new construction. With our revolutionary heating systems, the heating installation and the floor installation could be done in the same day.


Installation systems for tile and stone

MAPEI has developed into a worldwide leader in the manufacture of total systems for the installation of floor coverings in commercial and residential construction. The surface preparation products condition floors and walls for the optimal installation of tile, carpet, wood, vinyl and decorative concrete. Mapei's installation products include mortars, grouts, adhesives and admixtures that ensure customers' satisfaction with any floor covering they choose. Innovative new products continually keep MAPEI well-positioned in the minds of professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

Schluter-Systems. The concept of using profiles fits perfectly into the context of new developments in tile production and construction materials. The oil crisis in the seventies meant that the firing processes in tile manufacturing had to change. To save energy, tiles are now fired only once. It is impossible, or at least extremely involved, to produce tile trim pieces for corners and edges using this technique.

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